How did this happen?

I wasn’t really looking to buy a house.  No, that’s not true – I definitely wasn’t looking to buy a house.  I went into the estate agents to ask if they had anything to rent in St Martin de Bréhal for next summer.  They replied they would have, but their “location saisonnière” list wasn’t out for a couple of months yet.

I was with a girlfriend who lives in the States, who was staying with us before and after Christmas, and my daughters were at their Dad’s house.  The estate agents’ has two offices in the building “locations” and “ventes”.  I asked Fi if she minded if I asked about building plots in the other office, and with her agreement we went off to ask.  All house hunting is more fun in pairs, I suspect, with someone to egg you on.

The price and size of the building plots available was a bit of a surprise, and that was without the building.  I’ve never done a build but had been advised by an estate agent friend that new builds and stone houses are the only things that are guaranteed sellers.  A stone house anywhere near a beach is extremely dear, even in rural Normandy.  So, anyway, having been told the price of the land and price per m2 for building, I asked if they had anything for less than a certain amount that was already built.  Only 2 properties on their books!  One of them was an absolute No No.  Off we go to have a look at the other.  All very speculative and I have no intention what so ever of buying. Ha.


About La Gourmande Normande

Nous sommes un Drive vendant des produits locaux frais comme de la viande, des produits laitiers, des fruits, des légumes et autres produits locaux fournis par nos producteurs de Basse-Normandie. Notre équipe est unis par notre passion de la nourriture et nous désirons partager cette passion avec vous. Nous sommes un commerce en ligne qui a pour objectif un service client et des produits exceptionnels.
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