Les Heteroclites 17th – 21st May 2011

This year is the 14th annual fesitval of the Heteroclites, which is an arts festival, with music, theatre and art installations.  It takes place every year in Saint-Lô and has evening activities starting at 6 or 7pm.  Wednesday 18th includes a day packed full of workshops and theatre for kids, and Saturday activities start at 10.30am and the last act starts at 2am on Sunday morning!  We have still availablity in our gites, just 15 minutes away from the festival.

Les Heteroclites Flyer

Tuesday 17th May, 2011

Land’Art Installation by Christine Juillard, followed by an aperatif and concert by Samba do Calvao.
Wednesday 18th May

Microcircus – The Saltimbre’s Cirqus for children by children.

Un Jour sous la Tente – reading of fairytales.

La fille de la Mer – a mother-daughter duo, one a trapeze artist the other an accordianist give a tour of the sea.

Un lange passe – dansing and juggling by Compagnie Ecorpsabulle

Tapis volant – world music and songs for children and adults

Lalec – a ball (dancing) for children

Women are heroes by J.R. Projection followed by a debate with ALSticking –  CinéMoViking
Woman from the slums in Brasil, India, Kenya and Cambodia.

Thursday  19 March 2011

Theatre by Lycée Le Verrier invites you to explore the themes of conflit :madness, war, family et other situations.

Le Zig – French songs, songs sung by their composer, from folk to rock with a jazz accent.

The Fuck – A post-punk band

Friday 20 March 2011


This Belgian, French and American trio play exclusively with made or invented objects based on recycling.

Jésus-Christ Fashion Barbe -Caen/St Lo-folk n’ roll

Syncopera – Toulouse Blues Hip Hop

Alain Briant – French rock – à le Gainsbourg, Bashung and Katerine

Concrete Knives – Acid-pop from Flers

B-Ass – Electro B-Ass is an electro / hip hop duo from Caen and Saint-Lô, made up of Dj Belouga and Dj Favelas.

Saturday 21st March

Les contes dits du bout des doigts – Tales told from the end of your fingers. Companions of Pierre Menard (Bordeaux) jungleswith sign language, metamorphosing into a witch, an angry giant or panicking novices.

Circus Train – a trumpet and drums duo of impovists.

La promenade des éloignés – Gorky, Ile de France Theatre and jugglerGorky

Boris sur les planches
Cirqu / Street theatre

Les balles populaires – Gorky, Ile de France

Chut(es) ! – Les Saltimbrés,  Cirqus

Le groin dans les étoiles – Compagnie Anorak

Contrebas dansé – Zoranne Serrano & Julien Fleury Caen, dance et music

Da brasilians
Saint-Lô – Paris Pop Music

Strates –  Utopia Performance France – Sénégal – Taiwan Improvisation music/art/ dance

Lectures Circassiennes – story telling through circus

Bumble Bees – Rennes Chorale pop

Stranded Horse – Saint-Lô Folk Kora Stranded Horse,  kora/guitar duo

Gun’s of Brixton Caen Post Rock

Wrestling Gang Bang – Ile de France Rockstep

Daryl Corn Flexx on the guitar

La Pègre douce – Ile de France Funk / Soul / Tropical  a large young ensemble playing  funk, soul, rock’n’roll and boogaloo.

Flers Electro – minimalist and ambinate DJ


Tuesday free entry
Wednesday, 3€
Thursday free entry

Friday 3€
Saturday 4€


About La Gourmande Normande

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