La Fête du Hutrel – 80th Celebration

Friday we had the rather bizarre experience of being at an English fête, but in Normandy.  We arrived rather late in the proceedings having been to the swimming pool in Saint-Lô, then having gone into town to get ice creams.  On the way home, just on the edge of Saint-Lô is a tiny village called Hutrel, which has a village pond, which is very much the focus of activites. We started by doing the Pony rides on two lovely shetlands from a local riding school, then there were loads of traditional games, including walking the plank, custard pie fight on a narrow bridge across the pond – the aim to knock your opponent into the pond.

Unfortunately the photos are not of particularly good quality  – taken with my phone, but hopefully it gives you an idea.

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About La Gourmande Normande

Nous sommes un Drive vendant des produits locaux frais comme de la viande, des produits laitiers, des fruits, des légumes et autres produits locaux fournis par nos producteurs de Basse-Normandie. Notre équipe est unis par notre passion de la nourriture et nous désirons partager cette passion avec vous. Nous sommes un commerce en ligne qui a pour objectif un service client et des produits exceptionnels.
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